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Sri Lanka Fish Processing Machines & Equipment

The world is changing and robot and automation are quickly transforming how business is done. Our firm believes the only real way to survive and beat your competition is embracing disruptive innovations which are here to stay.

We are an exceptional food processing tech and automation establishment. With a focus on fish processing machines and equipment. We strongly believe in collaborating with top end fish processing brand names and suppliers to provide the best technological innovations in Asia.

Our purpose is to position our own selves as the most coveted fish processing automation business partner to our customers in which we will certainly support our clients attain maximum return on investment by automating their fish processing processes. From smaller market players such as restaurants to large participants like fish farms and fish processing manufacturing plants or operations, our vision is to give you with the best fish processing automation equipment that lower the need of human labor while at the same time boosting your processing output with minimal wastage.

More than automated machines – We are equipping your business with a competitive edge to secure your future. Survive the technological disruptions today and emerge as the winners of tomorrow.

Steen Breakthroughs In Fish Processing Modern technology

The very first table top fish skinning equipment was created back in the 1950s, ever since then more fish processing equipments have been produced by means of years of experiment after significant feed-back from our customers. We currently provide many types of fish processing machineries for a wide range of capabilities.

Our Fish Processing Machinery and Solutions

Cutting fins and tails from fishes can also be automated with our fin-tail cutting equipments where safety from running the equipments are of upmost importance to our company in our pursuit in fish processing automation. Our fish processing machineries can also remove fish bone continuously (including fish neck bone) in a flexible method with minimal wastage and gapping while at the same time maintaining the nice appearances of the fish fillet following fish deboning. Our fin tail cutting machines and systems can process most variety of fishes.

Currently our various fish processing machines can provide you with totally automated fish skinning functionalities to skin a vast range of fish (salmon, baadar, tilapia etc). Our fish processing equipments for fish skin removal can process nearly all types of fishes.

Our fish processing machines can also remove fish bone continually (including fish neck bone) in a flexible method with negligible waste and gapping while at the same time retaining the nice outlook of the fish fillet after fish deboning.

For processing of the popular mackerel, we have our own speet machine (mackerel) where we can process mackerel between 300 grams to 500grams.

Fishes aside, we also engineered and assembled specialise machineries for eel processing. We have automated eel slaughtering machineries (eel gutting machine) for eels up to 9 inches.

At the moment our various fish processing equipments can provide you with fully automated fish skinning capabilities to skin a wide range of fish (salmon, baadar, tilapia etc). We can also de-scale a huge variety of fish that get rid of (de-scale) scales from all types of fish without ruining the skin of the fish. Our fish processing equipments for fish skin removal can process the majority of varieties of fishes.

We take care of every our customers’ needs in fish processing seriously and quickly and safety and hygiene are of paramount importance to us. Every one of our fish processing machines’s functions demonstrate what we strongly believe in.

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