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Automation and Robotics

Since ancient time, Man has always innovated and is always new ways to make his work easier. The idea is to increase the output while reducing the input of work simultanously where possible. The science of automation and robotics deals with the application and manufacturing of automated systems (robots, machines and computer systems) to reduce the need for human work. This quest for automation is widespread over all industries and we have been able to use technologies to continously harvest more output with less human work.

As one of the most important industries in the world, the food industry too has been obsessed with automation and machinery. It’s been a common dilemma since the dawn of the industrial age, machines taking jobs away from people. A lot of jobs have already been lost to the last 25 years to automation and this trend is not likely to stop. In fact in the World Economic Forum, it is projected that 7 million jobs will be lost and another 2 million jobs will be created by the year 2020 due to the disruption and result of technological changes in the 15 major developed and emerging economics around the world.

Automation in Global Food industry

The food industry isn’t spared by such disruption, the industry is changing rapidly as ever more new food technologies in food processing emerge that enables more automation. This trend in industrial automation impacts all food industry companies, equipments (from food equipments that requires intense labour to food equipments that requires little or no labour), food industry manufacturing processes and affects basically all players in the food industry supply chain.

Disrupting Global Food manufacturing and processing industry

No companies in the food industry (or in fact any industry) is spared from this change. Technological changes in food manufacturing and processing technologies mean only one thing. Those who embrace this change will prevail and thrive in the future with their lower cost structure (through automation) and higher output and those food industry companies that stick to the “old” way of utilising out-dated and inefficient food industry equipment risk being made irrevelant by losing their competitiveness. This race to the top of food automation has already started and the process of weeding out inefficient market players is already under way.

Secrets to Surviving and Staying Ahead of The Game

If you are a food (fish and poultry) producer, processing plant or factory, to stay ahead of the game and become more competitive in the market, you will need to embrace the latest changes in food technology and processing methods, techniques, development and equipment to “attack” your cost verociously while increasing output significantly to become the captain of tomorrow in the food industry.

At Foodpro, we specialise in the fish and poultry segment of the food processing industry which can assist your company in investing in affordable fish and poultry equipment to increase your food production output while reducing the need for manual labour.

Specialists in Food Processing and Consulting

More than just manufacturers and suppliers of fish and poultry automation equipments, we are consultants in automating your food production processes. We are your long term partner in providing consultation and long term assistance and support in your food automation needs. We firmly believe that our business relationship only truly starts after we implement food automation solutions for your business. Ongoing after-sales support is key to your success. And we build our success upon our customers’ success.

Food Pro is a premier food processing automation company. As a distributor of the popular and highly effective Steen.be machines, we understand the importance of cutting edge technology and pride ourselves on consistently being ahead of the curve by rigorously testing and adapting all our processes to meet our customers’ unique needs.

Different methods of food processing via automation

With a focus on fish, poultry and meat processing, Food Pro works with only the best food automation engineering companies to offer our clients the latest technologies, at the best cost to help them build a competitive advantage. Our aim is to ensure, through the most effective automation, our clients depend on us as a food technology partner to lower their operation costs and manpower dependency.

From large scale food factories to restaurants to caterers, we can help with all your food processing and packaging needs. Our unparalleled experience in the F&B industry helps us to quickly evaluate the latest food automation technology trends making us an indispensable strategic partner to our customers.