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Brunei Fish Processing Machines & Equipment

We are a world-class food processing tech and automation business. With an emphasis on fish processing machines and equipment. Our company strongly believe in partnering with top end fish processing manufacturers and suppliers to offer leading technology to Asia.

Our aim is to position ourselves as the ideal fish processing automation business partner to our clients where we will definitely help our clients bring about maximum return on investment by speeding up their fish processing processes. From small market participants like a restaurant to large participants like fish farms and fish processing manufacturing facilities or operations, our objective is to offer you with the best fish processing automation machines that reduce the requirement of human labour while increasing your production output with low wastage.

The whole world is changing and robotics and automation are swiftly changing how business is done. Our company believes the only real way to thrive and overcome your competition is embracing disruptive innovations that are here to stay.

More than automated machines – We are equipping your business with a competitive edge to secure your future. Survive the technological disruptions today and emerge as the winners of tomorrow.

Steen Developments In Fish Processing Technology

The 1st table top fish skinning machine was produced back in the 1950s, ever since even more fish processing machines have been developed by means of years of research and development after significant review coming from our clients. Through our trial and errors and dedication, our ideas were turned into reality with our proficiency of decades of mechanical engineering. Our company currently supply various kinds of fish processing machines for a variety of functions. Our top quality engineers make sure that our clients get nothing but the leading fish processing innovations that maximise their production while at the same time minimizing their dependence on manual labour.

Our Fish Processing Machinery and Innovation

Fishes aside, we also engineered and developed specialise equipments for eel processing. We have automated eel slaughtering machineries (eel gutting machine) for eels up to 9 inches.

We deal with all our clients’ requirements in fish processing very seriously and immediately and safety and hygiene are of vital importance to us. All our fish processing machineries’s features demonstrate what we strongly believe in.

Cutting fins and tails from fishes can also be automated with our fin-tail cutting machineries where safety from operating the machines are of upmost importance to us in our pursuit in fish processing automation. Our fish processing machineries can also remove fish bone continuously (including fish neck bone) in a flexible method with minimal wastage and gapping while at the same time retaining the nice appearances of the fish fillet after fish deboning. Our fin tail cutting machines and machinery can process most variety of fishes.

For processing of the sought-after mackerel, we possess our own speet equipment (mackerel) in which we can process mackerel between 300 grams to 500grams.

At the moment our numerous fish processing equipments can give you with entirely automated fish skinning capabilities to skin a wide variety of fish (salmon, baadar, tilapia etc). We can also de-scale a huge range of fish that remove (de-scale) scales from all types of fish without ruining the skin of the fish. Our fish processing equipments for fish skin removal can process the majority of types of fishes.

Currently our various fish processing machines can offer you with fully automated fish skinning functionalities to skin a wide variety of fish (salmon, baadar, tilapia etc). Our fish processing machines for fish skin removal can process nearly all types of fishes.

Our fish processing machines can also remove fish bone continually (including fish neck bone) in a flexible procedure with minimal waste and gapping while at the same time keeping the nice appearances of the fish fillet following fish deboning.

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