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Product Description

Our fish processing machines are ideal for fish farms, fish processing factories, fish/seafood distributors, central kitchens that process fish, chains of food & beverage outlets that process fish. With automation in fish processing, you reduce the need for manual labour and increase your output via our fish processing equipment.

Dedicated to advance food processing automation modern technologies in the food industry, we are experts in automated fish/ poultry meat processing automation. Our equipments are capable of fish scaling, fish skinning, eel processing, de-scaling, fin tail cutting for fish and poultry (chicken) skinning, chicken breast skinning, chicken de-boning. We serve all food manufacturing players across the food supply chain who need to have top quality food processing automation machineries.Using the STEEN ST600VRU skinning – de-frilling machine in combination with the Baader 176 filleting machine optimizes the return of investment on your filleting machine even more.

Choosing for the STEEN ST600VRU skinning & de-frilling machine means that there are no split tails and gives the processor a premium fillet.

The new generation of our flatfish skinning de-frilling machines incorporates that the top and bottom de-frilling units are one piece.

For cleaning you can open the unit while it stays on the machine. The de-frilling unit is also made adjustable. The water spraying system on the machine is divided so if one skinning lane of the machine is not in use the water can be shut off on that lane. At the outfeed of the skinning / de-frilling unit wheels are placed which avoid blocking of the fillets. Can be used for skinning:
Plaice, Black Halibut, Yellow Tail and Lemon Sole.

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Additional information




+/- 17 m/min

Working width





2,75 kW/3Ph




2.630 mm


711 mm


1.390 mm


400 kg

Water Cons.

16 I/min

Air Cons.