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Product Description

Our fish processing machines are ideal for fish farms, fish processing factories, fish/seafood distributors, central kitchens that process fish, chains of food & beverage outlets that process fish. With automation in fish processing, you reduce the need for manual labour and increase your output via our fish processing equipment.

Industrial Pin-Bone remover right to left direction.

When you need a professional pin bone removal machine, the 591/K501RL is the right choice.

This unique machine gives you the speed, yield and efficiency needed to run a successful business. It is designed to carefully remove all bones at maximum speed with very little waste.

Improve your profitability:

– No compressed air needed

– Very easy to disassemble without use of any tools

– Variable speed

– Table or wall mounting

The STEEN Fish processing machine symbolizes an industrial concept for efficiently processing fish in the most efficient way. Our fish processing machines satisfy the guidelines of the modern food processing industry and are designed and built conform the applicable CE-standards and directives.<br />
<br />
The overall STEEN machine range symbolizes an innovative industrial concept for an efficient way of processing fish and poultry, depending upon our 50 years of background in mechanical engineering, meeting simultaneously all the technical demands of the swiftly changing modern food-processing industry.

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105-210 RPM


220V 50-60 Hz




350 mm


300 mm


300 mm


16,2 kg

Water Cons.


Air Cons.