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Steen Pirzola + De-boning ST840 Machine & Equipment

When ordering specify which product will be processed, if it is wet- or air chilled, how the finished product has to be, electrical specification, with or without water and which country.

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Product Description

Our poultry (chicken, turkey, duck) processing machines are ideal for poultry (chicken, duck and turkey) farms, poultry processing factories, poultry distributors, central kitchens that process chickens, ducks and turkeys, chains of food & beverage outlets that process turkeys, ducks and chickens. With automation in poultry processing, you reduce the need for manual labour and increase your output via our polutry processing equipment.

The STEEN Poultry processing machine is, because of our years of practical experience in mechanical engineering and advancement. We crafted an industrial approach for processing poultry in probably the most efficient way, adhering the stringent demands of the modern food processing industry (CE).

Our Steen poultry processing machine symbolizes an industrial concept for skinning and deboning poultry (ducks, turkeys, chickens) in the most efficient way.

Additional effort has been taken to include additional safety and hygiene functions. Our poultry processing machine is specifically baseded on special provisions to facilitate operation, minimize machine upkeep and enhance the residual value with time for your investments.

Additional information




+/- 38 pc/min

Working width



220V-50-60Hz s.ph


0,25 kW/2Ph




1.640 mm


750 mm


1.050 mm


400 kg

Water Cons.


Air Cons.

0,46 m³/min/8 bar 37,5CFM/116PSI