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Poultry Meat Processing Technology

With over 50 years of experience in mechanical engineering and its application in the food processing industry – especially for poultry meat processing, we possess the technical know-how in this fast changing food processing niche. We are probably the best in our chosen field of work and we believe if you partner with us for your needs in poultry meat processing, we will deliver exceptional value to your company in terms of returns and operational efficiency

Poultry Meat Processing Machines and Technologies

Not many companies in our industry can claim 50 years of experience under their belt. We are proud to announce that we are one of them. In the 50 years, we have seen first-hand how technologies disrupt the way we run and operate businesses. We have also witness how fast evolving poultry meat processing can be.
In general, most of our customers who require poultry meat processing process chickens, turkeys and ducks. We have extensive experience in this area and in fact we already have top of class poultry meat processing machines that can perform highly specialised task in your food production processes that provides you with high return on investment from lesser reliance on manual labour and the increase output generated by our poultry processing equipments.

Broiler Poultry Processing

Broiler chickens (also known as Gallus gallus domesticus), or broilers, are a group of domesticated fowl raised and bred specifically for meat (chicken) production. Basically, they are a hybrid of egg-laying chicken and a subspecies of the red junglefowl (Gallus gallus). Usually broilers have white feathers and yellow-like skin. Commerical broilers reach slaughter-weight between 5 to 7 weeks of age although some slower growing breeds reach this weight at around 14 weeks.

Our range of broiler chicken cutting machines can help you increase yield of broiler processing with lesser need for manual labour. Broiler processing plants with their large volume of processing need can take advantage of poultry automation to increase their bottomlines via increasing output with lesser labour cost.

Poultry Processing Machines

Currently our range of poultry meat processing machines can assist you in poultry skinning, poultry de-boning,mid-wing tulip processing, poultry spare-rib cutting and poultry fillet splitting.

Our poultry skinning machines can remove the skin from chicken whole breasts, breast caps, split breast bone and whole legs of chickens. We can also skin turkey half breasts, turkey whole legs and thighs. We also offer specialised stand alone skinner capable of processing wet or dry chilled poultry chilled products at high speed where the skin is removed in one single piece for maximum efficiency

For de-boning (removal of poultry bones), we have specialised machines for chickens and turkeys where we can debone chicken thighs and drums with maximum yield. Our chicken de-boning machines centers the bone and then pushes it through a hole in a diaphragm where the chicken meat is striped off with the maximum yield

Our turkey de-boning machines also automatically debones turkey thighs, drumsticks and prime wings at the speed of 35 pieces per minute through the operation of one machine operator.

Even when it comes to automating difficult tasks such as mid-wing tulip processing, our machines can still perform the task of cutting off one end of the wingette with the bone removed to create a nice looking “tulip”.

If you need to remove the poultry spare rib, our spare rib cutter can automatically separate two pieces of meat located on both sides of the bones with an output of 100 thighs per minute with only 2 machine operators.

Another feat our poultry meat processing machines can achieve is the fillet splitter which removes the membrane of the butterfly fillet when making single fillet of the poultry “butterfly”.