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Advances In Fish Processing Technology

The first table top fish skinning machine was developed back in the 1950s, since then more fish processing machines have been developed through years of research and development after extensive feedback from our customers. Through our trial and errors and perseverance, our ideas were transformed into reality through our mastery of decades of mechanical engineering. We currently offer various types of fish processing machines for different functions. Our world class engineers ensure that our customers get nothing but the best fish processing technologies that maximise their output while reducing their reliance on manual labour.

Our Fish Processing Machines and Technologies

“With over 50 decades of experience in the food automation industry, our mechanical engineers continue to develop new products and our research and development team ensures that we continuously improve our existing food processing technologies and we are adaptable to the future needs of our clients. We address all our customers’ needs in fish processing seriously and promptly and safety and hygiene are of paramount importance to us. All our fish processing machines’s features reflect what we believe in. More than just machines makers, we pride ourselves as your food automation and processing partner where we will continuously invest in new technologies to help you stay ahead of your competitors. “

Currently our various fish processing machines can provide you with fully automated fish skinning capabilities to skin a wide variety of fish (salmon, baadar,tilapia etc). We can also de-scale a large variety of fish that remove (de-scale) scales from all types of fish without damaging the skin of the fish.

Cutting fins and tails from fishes can also be automated with our fin-tail cutting machines where safety from operating the machines are of upmost importance to us in our quest in fish processing automation. Our fish processing machines can also remove fish bone continuously (including fish neck bone) in a flexible method with minimal wastage and gapping while retaining the nice outlook of the fish fillet after fish deboning.

Fishes aside, we also engineered and built specialise machines for eel processing. We have automated eel slaughtering machines (eel gutting machine) for eels up to 9 inches.
For processing of the popular mackerel, we have our own speet machine (mackerel) where we can process mackerel between 300 grams to 500grams.